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4. Coordinate - Coaching the Club

Target your interests & needs from

60 sessions in 6 learning tracks

(plus 21 bonus sessions & mini-keynotes) 

3. Collaborate - Coaching the Parent

6. Correlate - Coaching the Person

1. Compete - Coaching the Sport

61 experts. 24 sports. 10 days. 6 vital components. 5 continents. 1 goal: SOLUTIONS for youth sports.

Join us for targeted discussions that deep dive into hard science and proven professional practice to identify easily implemented change. 

Discover practical activities you can do immediately that are tied directly to cutting edge theory and practice.

Learn from multiple sports, varying levels of play, experts in their fields, and pioneers from at least 4 continents with backgrounds across 6 key categories that are vital to success in youth sports.

GO! Chase Excellence

The 2019 Think Tank to

Improve Youth Sports

March 20 - May 12, 2019

2. Compute - Coaching the Brain

5. Cultivate - Coaching the Coach

​​THINK outside the echo chamber with Worldwide Experts.

TANK UP on knowledge and practical applications for

local action based on science and proven professional practice.