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Additional Enterprise Benefits ($10,364 value)

  • Complimentary monthly subscription for organization headquarters office and staff ($1,164 value)
  • GO! expert staff available to attend, mentor, and/or present at one organizational membership event per year at no labor cost or stipend (subject to client paying her direct travel expenses). Presentation may be a full-day workshop or a series of shorter workshops or mentoring sessions offered in a single day. ($2,000 value)
  • ​Twelve (12) hours of conference calls or webinars for parent organization or member club staff tailored to local needs. ($7,200 value)

Chris Panayiotou

National Developmental

Technical Director, Rush Soccer

"I have been given a sneak peak of the library of documents that Ruth is releasing. It is 20-plus years of knowledge and experience in the youth sports arena. She has a unique perspective having sat in numerous roles within different sports organizations. I have felt lucky to have Ruth a phone call away. She is an amazing resource and her platform will give that resource to sports organizations all over the world."

Enterprise packages are available to organizations who want to provide GO! resources to their member clubs, such as state associations, leagues, and franchises. Organizations must share a schedule of programming, training, or competition. GO! invoices must be paid by the parent organization on behalf of all participating member clubs.

Member club subscriptions through an enterprise subscription package are welcome to share all GO! resources with their member teams.

Fees and Terms

  • Base rate of $97 monthly fee per member club with two payment options
    • Full payment for one year includes 10% discount ($1,047 per club per year)
    • Payment in two installments in Month #1 and Month #6 ($582 per club for six months - $1,164 per year)
  • ​One year minimum commitment

GO! Enterprise 

Subscription Packages

Adam Manning

Founder and CEO 

Sports Office 265

Contact us to learn more about what GO! can provide your organization & your members

GO! Basic Services

  • Access to and unlimited downloads from GO! document library
  • Access to monthly webinars. Webinars will be recorded and available on demand.
  • ​Direct access to booking with GO! experts in governance, administration, marketing/sponsorships, and coach/director of coaching mentoring (individual consultations at additional cost)

"Ruth shaped the way for best practices at our club which has 75 branches in 42 states and 27 other countries. She has helped us integrate coaching and operations bringing us success on and off the field."

914 - 164th Street SE, Suite B12 - #1702

Mill Creek, Washington  98012 USA

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