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Nicholson Facilitation & Associates, LLC              914 - 164th Street SE, Suite B12- #1702, Mill Creek, WA 98012 USA                    425-385-2700       [email protected]

David Falk, General Manager

Snohomish County FC

"Thorough in preparation; Flawless in implementation. Ruth's good humor and grace make difficult decisions seem easy to the casual observer. In reality, her seasoned facilitation skills help groups through the most difficult of situations." 

“Ruth Nicholson has innovated a platform to right the wrongs at the youth club level and has combined her numerous years of experience as a youth club administrator with her high-level facilitation skills into an area that is begging for guidance and leadership.”

Cheryl Chapman, Vice President, Louis Berger

Laurie Lane, Executive Director 

Potomac Soccer Association

“What happens in the board room directly affects what happens on the pitch. Nicholson’s not-so-quiet revolution of ideas, structure, and innovation make her the stand above the crowd choice for the Innovator of the Year honor.”

​​Annette Frahm 

FrahmComm/Annette Frahm Communications

"I've used the info an skills I learned in your class for years.  Very helpful.  I don't want to make a living doing facilitation, but it's a great skill to have and use as part of my work.  All the planning tools and the ways to manage the group are useful."

Leon Swanson, IHS Consulting.

"She is a person of her word, and she seeks to foster relationships necessary to permit consensus building.  She is sensitive to what is being said, what is not being said and she reads people very well."

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