Upcoming Workshops and Events:


Wed-Sun, Feb 22-26 ​- US Youth Soccer National Youth Course, Boise, ID

Wed, Mar 1 - Women Talking Football, KAOTICRADIO.COM

Thu, Mar 3 - Rush Soccer, National Developmental Program Coaching Education Session, Planning a Session

Thu, Mar 9 ​- Rush Soccer, National Developmental Program Coaching Education Session, ​Developing a blueprint for clubs nationwide to follow for optimal athlete development

Mon, Mar 20 - Launch of GO! On-Demand, On-Call, and Enterprise services

Mar 2017 - Publication of new book Core Strength: Best Practices Are Not Good Enough, A practical guide to developing the core competencies for successful youth sports organizations. 

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Investment in well-designed programs and processes enable organizations to be the most efficient with their resources and staff.  We offer a variety of strategic planning tools and a depth of experience in program development and management to help you be your best.

Good meetings don't just happen.  Statistics show that American professionals lose an average of 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings.  We work collaboratively with our clients to customize meeting designs and agendas to make meetings focused and productive.

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Nicholson Facilitation & Associates, LLC              914 - 164th Street SE, Suite B12- #1702, Mill Creek, WA 98012 USA                    425-385-2700       [email protected]

Nicholson Facilitation & Associates, LLC meeting and process design

We have offered training in North America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe in facilitation, visual facilitation, developing sustainable agreements, conflict resolution, and preparing for professional certification.  All our courses give participants common sense tools they can use immediately.

Workshops &


Nicholson Facilitation has supported youth sports for over 25 years. We now offer the GO! expert resource service for youth sports operations. In addition, we provide professional

facilitation, organization, and training services customized to support the unique needs of youth sports organizations.